• Modern Buddhism

'The Buddha's teaching is as relevant today as it ever has been. It describes the facts of human life which are observable by anyone who cares to take the trouble to investigate.'

Presenting timeless truths in a 20th-century context,
Modern Buddhism provides answers to questions that have always haunted mankind.

Death and dying: a wasted and terrifying experience - or an opportunity for spiritual growth? A meditation teacher describes the way she helped her mother approach the doors of death.

Family relationships: why do some families live in harmony whilst others are constantly at war? What is the purpose of the family unit?

Sexuality: what sexual habits are most conducive to progress along the path?

Alan & Jacqui James belong to the tradition of teachers who present the essence of Buddhism in a way which is totally in tune with the needs of their own time and culture.

'In a confused and dark world, the book is like a ray of light, showing the path to sanity and peace'

- Buddhism Today, Brisbane

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Modern Buddhism

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