• Inner Tranquillity

“The successful spiritual traveller completely understands suffering. He knows through experience its conditioned nature, its origins and its cessation. Having won to the deathless, he knows with a knowing that goes beyond words that he is free — that the universe is love — that the journey is ended — there is no more to do. He is finally at peace.”

Inner tranquillity is a universal goal.

Inner tranquillity, it could be argued, is the universal goal, the goal of all existence, however varied our attempts to reach it.

The Buddha uncovered a systematic, comprehensive and - most importantly - effective pathway to the attaining of that which all of us seek.

In this collection of lectures, Alan James draws on over thirty years of teaching experience to illuminate this path to the ultimate peace.


'There is much that is wise and helpful here... a detailed and useful guide to meditation'
- Buddhism Now

'Written with a down-to-earth tone... James gives lots of practical advice... from the perspective of someone who has travelled the path'
- Living Traditions, Australia

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Inner Tranquillity

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