• Postcards from Beyond

“When the sun is obscured by cloud we say that the sun has not come out today, but actually we know that it is always there shining. In the same way, enlightenment is always available right here, now, but remains hidden behind a thick mental fog of misapprehension, confusion, resistance and clinging attachment... these are the things that obscure the radiant, eternal truth.”

There is a way to end all psychological distress and realise for ourselves the true nature of life beyond the mere appearance of things. Using straight-forward language and with characteristic humour, the Buddhist Insight meditation teacher, Paul Harris, reflects on the realities of the suffering inherent in life and the universal search for peace and understanding. The Buddha’s ancient training in ethical living, meditation and the cultivation of wisdom, he maintains, is as profound and effective today as it has ever been. And, with its emphasis on discovery through direct, personal investigation, it is a philosophy and practice that is perfectly in harmony with the outlook of our pragmatic, twenty-first century world.

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Postcards from Beyond

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